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Why Hypnotherapy?

  • If you have an emotional or psychological problem, a bad habit you can't break, or just want to feel better about yourself, hypnotherapy can help you make the desired changes, no matter how entrenched the condition.
  • It's a perfectly safe and natural way of using your own inner resources, to reorganise your thoughts and behaviours to bring about beneficial change.
  • Also, unlike certain drugs, there are absolutely no side effects.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of mind in which a person remains calm, concentrated and aware, whilst their body becomes completely relaxed. This altered state of awareness allows access to the subconscious mind, having relaxed the thought processes of the conscious mind.

The subject is not asleep or unconscious, and is aware of what is being said to them and any noises in their environment, as their normal physical abilities are not impaired. It's similar to being engrossed in a television programme, whilst hearing a conversation in the background. Basically, all else just fades into unimportance.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the treatment of emotional and psychological conditions, unwanted habits and undesirable feelings using hypnosis. The aim is to assist people in finding meaningful alternatives to their present unsatisfactory ways of thinking, feeling or behaving. Hypnotherapy also helps clients become more accepting, both of themselves and others, and can be very useful in promoting personal development and unlocking inner potential.

Standard hypnotherapy involves inducing a client into hypnosis, then making positive suggestions that are appropriate to their problem. This "suggestion" therapy is the only technique used by some therapists and, although it can have a beneficial effect, it often only glosses over a problem without ever finding the true root cause.

Advanced Structured Hypnotherapy does use suggestion therapy, but only as one of many techniques. The advanced therapist gains access to the client's subconscious mind in order to firstly ascertain the cause, and then bring about positive change to the benefit of the client. Regression may also be used, to see if there are any events from earlier in a client's life which may have had an influence, either directly or indirectly, on their condition. This often involves childhood experiences, although not exclusively.


Virtually everyone can benefit from hypnotherapy. It is not just potential that hypnotherapy can address, but also a person's desire to bring about positive changes to their current negative ways of thinking, feeling or behaving. Rather than resorting to drugs, what better way to solve a client's problem or condition than using their own natural inner resources.

People underestimate the capabilities of their own mind to do themselves good. Provided a client is motivated to change, with expert help from Self Solutions, they can achieve all their realistic goals.

As a measure of the value for money provided by Self Solutions, problems other than a client's main reason for attending therapy sessions can also be addressed, unlike many other practices. For example, if a client comes here to address weight control, but also has a problem in one or two other areas, such as confidence or anxiety, Self Solutions will also address these problems as part of the therapy.

Apart from treating problem conditions, Self Solutions can also help clients achieve personal ambitions, such as excelling at a chosen sport or improved performance at work.

The list of problems which can be treated is long and varied, and clients are often surprised at the range of conditions that can be treated.


Conditions and problems that can be treated include:

  • Smoking
  • Weight Control
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Confidence
  • Personal development, such as performance improvement at work or your chosen sport, interview nerves, etc.
  • as well as a wide variety of other conditions.

What you can expect from your hypnotherapy treatment

Your hypnotherapy treatment is designed specifically for you

If you've never experienced hypnotherapy before, you're probably wondering what your hypnotherapy session will involve. There are so many different therapy techniques around and each therapist has his or her favourite. Some hypnotherapists will prefer to use a very traditional approach which focuses primarily on direct suggestions of change. Some will follow the same procedure for everyone. Others tend to be much more flexible, incorporating some of the newer psychotherapy techniques and tailoring each consultation to the needs of their client.

As human beings, we have all the skills we need to change and improve our lives. My job, as someone who can help you do this, is to is to use my skills to support you in learning how to make the changes you wish. 

I use not only clinical hypnosis, but a considerable variety of different skills. This allows me to adapt your treatment specifically to suit you. I have a very flexible and adaptable approach to therapy which enables me to treat you as a unique individual. Your hypnotherapy session is designed especially for you, to suit your personality and your particular requirements.

As well as different hypnotherapy processes, your treatment can include other non-invasive psychotherapy and coaching techniques. Some or all of these methods may be used. It really depends on what your issues are and what we both decide would be of most benefit to you. My approach isn't at all about throwing a whole load of techniques at you, but about us working through a process that facilitates deep change.

I always like to involve you in your treatment. Therapy isn't something I do to you. but a dynamic process that we work through together. 

Hypnotherapy is a very safe therapy, as are the other methods I use. If you wish I will explain to you how these processes work. This means that you know what to expect and feel very comfortable with them.

We focus on the future rather than mainly on past events

I’m a firm believer in 'goal orientated therapy'. This means that you decide what you would like to achieve and we work together to find ways of making it possible. Goal orientated therapy looks towards the future rather than focusing mainly on past events. It helps you to make positive changes in your life.

Although the bulk of my hypnotherapy sessions focus on the present and future, it can be extremely helpful to deal with any deep seated underlying issues which may be blocking your progress and preventing you from reaching your goal. 

Together we discuss your problem and any emotional blocks you may have which have been preventing you from moving forward.

The beauty of hypnotherapy and the other methods I use is that I can teach you many of the techniques, including self-hypnosis, so that you can use them yourself whenever you need. 

This can considerably reduce the amount of treatments you require, saving you both valuable time and money. But more importantly, it puts YOU fully in control of YOUR life. I believe that therapy shouldn't be viewed as something you "have done" to you, but as a process that involves your input and requires your full commitment.

How Many Sessions? 

Compared with traditional psychotherapy, hypnotherapy is extremely focused and brief. Individual results are based on your level of desire for your outcome, and the nature of the presenting issue.

This all depends on your symptoms and your personal circumstances.

While a more specific answer to this question is available after your initial consultation, some useful frameworks are supplied below.

Procrastination Hypnosis - 8 sessions

Stop Smoking Hypnosis - 1 or 2 sessions

Insomnia Relief Hypnosis - 6 sessions

Fear & Phobia Hypnosis - 4 sessions

Self-Esteem / Confidence Hypnosis - 8 sessions

Goal Achievement Hypnosis - 5 sessions

Perfectionism Hypnosis - 5 sessions

Sexual Enhancement Hypnosis - 6 sessions

Relationship Strategy Hypnosis - 8 sessions

Teeth-Grinding / Nail-Biting - 4 sessions

Weight loss - 5 sessions

Gastric band - 5 sessions

Anger Management - 8 sessions

Anxiety and Stress Related Diorders - 10 sessions

Insomnia and Hypersomnia - 10 sessions

IBS and Nervous Conditions - 10 sessions

Depression - 12 sessions

Bereavement and Grief - 6 sessions

If your particular situation isn't mentioned, simply call for information

Smoking is generally a one session treatment. Other treatments may require more than one session

Hypnotherapy is probably one of the quickest forms of therapy – much quicker than counselling or psychotherapy. Some people are naturally more responsive to hypnosis than others and for them the process is quicker. Others have to “learn” to be good subjects and it can take time and practice to attain the same results.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes are to name but a few of the conditions which see an increased risk from obesity and being overweight.

As the most overweight country currently in Europe, Britain is now looking to alternative methods of weight-loss after experiencing little success with traditional methods such as dieting, healthy eating and exercise.

Recently public interest for a procedure known as 'gastric band' surgery has increased ten fold after a number of celebrity admissions and much media coverage. The surgery involves placing a restrictive device around the upper part of the stomach which will create a pouch only capable of holding a certain amount of food. This reduced space where food will now go after a meal will fill far more rapidly than the entirety of the stomach, meaning the feeling of fullness will happen much more quickly and consumption will be reduced.

Gastric band hypnotherapy

Although gastric bands are highly successful in many cases, around 80% of patients will experience unpleasant side effects such as nausea and regurgitation of food. 

The British Medical Journal has reported gastric band operations having risen from 238 a year to more than 2,543 in 2007 with an estimated 240,000 people waiting to have surgery. 

Gastric band hypnotherapy involves the use of hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques to convince individuals that they have had a gastric band fitted but without the fears, risks, cost and side effects of going through the actual surgical procedure.

What does treatment involve?

The procedure will involve a number of different techniques such as positive suggestion, visualisation, CBT, and NLP.

One of the key benefits of hypnotherapy is that it will also help to address any emotional and psychological issues which have caused an individual to begin over eating in the first place, helping them to eliminate these so they can maintain a healthy weight even years after their initial hypnotherapy treatment.

Generally the first meeting will be an initial consultation. This stage of the process will involve a discussion regarding your eating habits, your BMI, what weight loss methods have already been tried, mental health and attitude towards food.

This session is an opportunity to gather information about you so they can ensure treatment is personally tailored to best suit your needs. 

For any further queries please send a message below, email or call Candice on 075 0787 7426.

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